Christmas and Chikako Sprite Update!♡

Christmas and Chikako Sprite Update!♡

Merry Christmas, Everyone!! 
Thank you all for your love and support!♡
We hope you have a warm and fuzzy holiday season together with your close friends, and we hope you are getting prepared for the release of Eternal Hour!♡

We made a lot of progress during those past few weeks, but we also decided to extend a few scenes, which set us back a bit, as we needed new lines recorded, and new ways to program our scenes. Happily, we can say that we're getting close to having half of the game entirely done, including the programming and animation. We can't say we're yet there, but we already are close to having finished editing the second half of the game as well! 
We are sorry that we haven't been able to do things faster, but the result will be a treat you will be happy you waited for!♡
We are working on new Sprite art, especially for our cuter characters this time~♡

 We promised a larger update, and we had time to finish drawing her Art, so here's Chikako ! ~ ♡

 She can be a really sweet sweet sweetheart!!!

 But if you make mistakes, she might also get a little angry, so please be careful how you treat little Chikako!

 We are also working on more CG scenes, and we want to share our progress with the main menu image from the full game!♡

We prepared an intense ride for you in Eternal Hour, and we hope you stay tuned for the adventure!♡
We hope you stay safe and have lots of fun in there!!


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  1. I was wondering when it would be full eternal hour when they published for steam


  2. I was wondering when it would be full eternal hour when they published for steam

  3. I wonder when they published eternal hour for full steam and play it but missing that date will come out?

    1. Hey there, and don't worry! Eternal Hour is confirmed to come out in 2020 ~ ♡