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We Are Seventh Heart Studios

Visual Novel Developers

Seventh Heart Studios is a Company with over 30 employees from all over the world, united by one purpose - To bring you some of the best Visual Novels you ever played!

All the members working on Eternal Hour have prior experience and have been part of other projects before, either Visual Novels or other similar projects! We know that every one of us is able to do his job with utmost care and diligence! We love games, and we hope you'll also love ours!

Direction & Style

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Time Manipulation
Time Manipulation

After Yasu wakes up from the fall, he will discover that he has the power to manipulate time. Yasu will shortly realize that he can’t use it freely and it comes at the cost of his own mental sanity and well-being.

Time Manipulation
More than twenty-four total endings

Based on two major sides of the story and four unique love interests, Eternal Hour has plenty to explore and enjoy! Each ending is tailored by your decisions with unique outcomes and art dedicated for those outcomes.

Time Manipulation
Voice acting

Featuring some of the best voice actors and actresses out there, characters within Eternal Hour will have a voice in English! We're even planning to try giving Eternal Hour voice acting in other languages in the future, but for the initial release, it will be done in English!

Time Manipulation

We know how fun it is for you to see your favorite characters come to life, so we will feature animation during special scenes and sequences! We are using the Live2D engine, and we'll pre-render those scenes, using it where it would work best!

Time Manipulation
1080 Full HD Resolution

Eternal Hour's art is drawn at higher than 4K (3840 x 2160) pixels, and it will be brought to you at Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) pixels. The engine we use is also able to scale and adapt very well to your display size and aspect ratio!

Time Manipulation
R-18 Content

Eternal Hour is a complex story and different endings will vary from fun, heartwarming moments all the way to murder and insanity, so Eternal Hour will include violence and other mature themes. P.S. Eternal Hour will feature ♡, Nudity and Sexual Themes!

Time Manipulation


Expanded soundtrack, with 40 unique pieces crafted with care by our master composer! Your ears will be delighted and your experience with Eternal Hour will surely be interesting!
Time Manipulation


Over 70 unique scenes and CGs, multiple poses and expressions for every character, along with animation and dynamic movement to make every single moment truly memorable!
Time Manipulation


Over 800 pages of script, each carefully edited, brimming with intrigue, romance and mystery, leading to multiple routes and endings for you to enjoy!!
Time Manipulation


More than 50.000 Lines of code so far, to enhance your experience with Eternal Hour, animation, route programming, and a dynamic approach to make Eternal Hour a unique experience ~♡


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