Eternal Hour: Golden Hour

Eternal Hour: Golden Hour!

Eternal Hour: The Golden Hour is here

Hello Everyone! 
Thank you very much for waiting and for all your kind thoughts and wishes! 
With all your help, we managed to finish the first major stretch goal we had in mind when we started our campaign! 

The Golden Hour is split in two games
♡ Eternal Hour: Strings of Fate 
♡ Eternal Hour: Lost Date

Compared to the little demo we presented at the beginning of our Kickstarter Campaign, we made countless improvements and optimizations, created new art, and made a lot of miracles happen when it comes to programming!♡
We can tell you a few of our achievements when it comes to creating the Prequel! 
- The Prequel features over three hours of gameplay

 - New Main Menu selection screen

 - Improved GUI for every game screen

 - Added an "Extras" menu page, with lots of useful features

 - Major Programming optimizations

 - Added Music Room, where we feature both songs from the demo, and new awesome songs for you to listen to

 - "Special Scenes" with extra ♡H-content♡

- Many more things for you to discover!♡
We invite you to play it and share your impressions!~ 
We'd like to have a little closing note as well: While we know that we've been a bit late in delivering the Prequel to you, we've focused on quality and on bringing the best experience possible to you!♡
We hope that our efforts bring you a lot of fun, and we'd like to mention that in the meanwhile we have been working on the full game as well! 
We promise to continue focusing on the quality of our work, and we promise to do everything as fast as we can! 
We also promise to keep you updated with news about our development!♡
Thank you for all your help, and we hope you have lots of fun in there!♡


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