How to apply the H-Patch to Eternal Hour: Golden Hour

How to apply the H-Patch to Eternal Hour: Golden Hour

Hello, Everyone!♡
We'd like to take a moment to explain how to install the H-Patch for Eternal Hour: Golden Hour!

First, please download the H-Patch.rpa file from our drive link: 
To apply the patch, first kindly open the folder where Eternal Hour is installed. 
You can usually find this folder by opening Steam, right-clicking the game, and opening the "properties" menu. 

Kindly click on the "local content" tab.  

Now please click "Browse Local Files" to open the folder. 

Once you have the folder open, open the "game" subfolder, and place the "H-Patch.rpa" file into it. 

It should be alongside a number of other .rpa files, and a file called "patch goes here."
(On Windows, the "game" subfolder to place the patch is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eternal Hour The Golden Hour\game)  
After copying the file in the "game" subfolder, the patch will install the next time you launch the game.  
While the patch is installed, you should notice a new icon in the upper-left corner of the in-game main menu, stating that the content has been activated. You will also notice a new setting in the Gameplay tab of the in-game Settings menu. You can use this setting to enable or disable the patched content without uninstalling it completely.  
If you want to permanently remove the mature content patch from the game, this can be done by removing the "H-Patch.rpa" file from the "game" subdirectory. The patch content will be removed then next time you launch the game.  
Thank you for all your love and support, and we hope you have lots of fun playing Eternal Hour: Golden Hour!♡


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