CG progress and Happy Easter

CG progress and Happy Easter to Everyone ~♡

 Hello Everyone!♡ 
Thank you very much for all your patience, love and support!! 
We feel that the moment Eternal Hour will be ready is getting closer and closer, so we created a Website for our company, Seventh Heart Studios. The website will evolve with future game projects as well, but that's a story for after we finished Eternal Hour! For now, we want to invite you to our official website! 

As we promised before, we want to share a few CG scenes this update, as we've been making excellent progress!     .

Our editing is also going really well, we're about 85% done with everything from our side, including many of the really special endings that we promised we'd add when we ran our KS campaign ~♡ 
Our website also includes a blog section where we'll copy a few of the updates we post on Kickstarter, and where we'll also include some special  ♡ H ♡  previews, but in such a way that it won't spoil the story. 

We hope you also enjoy the final design for our main screen, we shared the sketch before, but it is time we also share the full thing! 

We promise to have more awesome news to bring you in our next updates, including more screenshots!♡ 
We promise to keep you updated, and we hope you'll have lots of fun playing Eternal Hour once it is ready!
We hope you have a Happy Easter, and even if you don't celebrate it, we hope you have a happy time with your loved ones this Spring!! We're happy to share posters of our girls in cute bunny outfits regardless what time of the year it is. Our Character designer artist had a really good time making it just for you ~♡  

We hope you stay safe and have lots of fun in there!♡


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