Women's Day 2022 Update ~ ♡

We thank you for all your love and support! ♡ 

Today's update is all about love, and our love for you, our fans and supporters! We have been having a great time programming Eternal Hour, and like everything where you put all your soul and effort into it, it is shaping up nicely, with animations, effects and directing that's worthy of the masterpiece we want Eternal Hour to be! Most of today's screenshots are from the latest development, Chapter 3 - Mai's Sub Route, which has been fully completed last night.  

We made excellent progress since the start of 2022, and we are all in sync, working together to bring you even more fun, so all the wait is worth it! As we promised, we are going to share even more updates to keep your hopes up and to let you know that we're alive and working hard to get Eternal Hour ready for you ~ ♡

We want to thank to all the women part of our team, Voice Actresses, Artists, Singers, and other collaborators, who helped us with Eternal Hour, and who are masters of their trade! 

We planned to post this update a while ago, on 24th of February, when Dragobete happens in Romania, which is a local Valentine's Day holiday, but the world became a little colder that day, as countries around us entered a state of crisis. As Seventh Heart Studios has the HQ in Romania, with the Director and one of the artists being from here, we had to take action and support friends, family members and those who needed us in Ukraine. We managed to save thousands of lives and help bring many of those affected to centers in Tulcea, near the Ro-Ukraine borders, so now we're back to programming and development of Eternal Hour, and bringing you our best work! 

We also got word that the link for C1 [Demo] stops working sometimes. It happens because the link on the server expires, please let us know if you can't download it and we will refresh it. Chapter One is held on Sekai Project servers which are constantly being updated to best serve Visual Novel Lovers and Gamers from all over the world~ 

Thank you!!! ~ ♡


Don't forget to check our Social Media, where we post screenshots and updates before we have enough to make a Kickstarter update! Also, don't be afraid to get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you ~ 🤍


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