Summer Start - Eternal Hour Programming Bump!

Summer Start - Eternal Hour Programming Bump!

 We thank you for all your love and support! ♡ 

Today's update starts the Summer, as we're in early June, and ready to take over the world! School is over, and Summer's right around the corner, so we have extra time to work on EH, and with most of the tasks remaining being related to programming, VA and a few scenes, things are progressing smoothly!

We made good progress on programming EH, and we're almost done with C3, which is the largest and most complex part to program, along with the final chapter, as C3 splits the story quite heavily into sub routes, and the order in which you'll do the quests will influence the way the story goes as well! 

We plan on pushing the programming to the nitro this summer, and by Autumn we want to have something to show for. If the whole game won't be ready, at least by Autumn we should be programming the endings and doing serious QA to prepare for launching EH. We can do it! 

We also want to thank to everyone who dropped by to support us on Patreon, it helps us take some of the heat as most of us have to work a double job, to afford being alive in today's world, but don't worry, since it is summer, we'll make sure to use the extra time for Eternal Hour and nothing else! We're also happy to report that our Discord server is growing, and we have 340 members today, with almost 100 folks being online at all times, so you can drop by to say hello and get early screenshots + updates from our team! 

As a last memory for today's update we also want to share the rain effects in Eternal Hour! In certain days, it will rain, so you'll get to share am umbrella with your favorite girl, save their day, or... 

We're curious to hear what your feelings on the rain effects are! Do you enjoy what you're seeing so far? 

Thank you!!! ~ ♡


Don't forget to check our Social Media, where we post screenshots and updates before we have enough to make a Kickstarter update! Also, don't be afraid to get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you ~ 🤍

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