Prequel Presentation and Official Information ~♡

Hello, Everyone!♡
Thank you very much for all your support! 
We have great news about the Eternal Hour: Prequel for you!  

The prequel will feature two stories: 
Eternal Hour: Strings Of Fate  
Eternal Hour: The Lost Date  
Eternal Hour: Strings Of Fate will invite you to play as Rin, Yasu's Aunt, in a game set to take place over 10 years before the events of Eternal Hour! You will discover more about Yasu's past and how everything came to be in Tokya. You'll also get to experience sweet moments of gentle romance as Rin will slowly fall for Megumi, even though they start on the wrong foot. If you make the right choices and if you enable the HCG patch (which will also be free), you can discover the juicy yuri content we made for you!
Eternal Hour: The Lost Date invites you to play as Yasu, six months before the events of Eternal Hour, as he will meet with Katashi, Tamiko and Naoko for a fun trip to the beach. Everything turns into a mysterious adventure as you stumble upon a large magical symbol etched on the ground within a cave, and everyone else (and everything else) seems to go insane. We are very excited to announce that Eternal Hour: The Lost Date will also feature HCG content, and if you make the right choices, you can be right there, with the characters from Eternal Hour, in a vivid yet tender story! 
The Prequel will be released very soon and it will be free to play, as we want to share the adventure and excitement with you! Until the release date, we want to share a few of the magical CGs that will appear in the Prequel!♡ 

Thank you for all your support! 
We are counting on you to play the Prequel, discover all the endings and have tons of fun!♡


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