Amazing Progress & More Gameplay Demo ~ 🤍


Amazing Progress & More Gameplay Demo ~ 🤍

Amazing Progress & More Gameplay Demo ~ 🤍

We want to thank everyone for your love, patience and support!! 

We had an unique experience this summer, with indoors activities, and we actually made a few changes to our team, but Eternal Hour improved thanks to it!

We made many new poses for our characters, and this time around, we're ready to share some of our programming and actual progress with you ~ 🤍 

We'd like to let you know that up to this point, the second chapter of Eternal Hour has been programmed completely, with progress being done to the other chapters as well ~ ! 

We're relying on just one programmer to finish the entire game, so the progress is a bit slow, but please take a look at the quality of our work and let us know if you think it is all worth it!! 

We're planning to open a Patreon Account soon, to create a way for those who'd like to help us speed up the development process, and we'll be sharing extras, secrets and [secret leaks] there!  Eternal Hour will not depend on it, but we want to release and bring it quicker to you!! We also have a Paypal Link if you want to make a donnation, through the official Paypal address set up by our Director ~ 🤍~ 

Since most of the actual game content has been drawn / edited / written / recorded, we're now refining things, adding CG scenes where we can, Live2D animating scenes, as well as programming the entire game. 

If you'd like to get in touch with Writer, or the Director, or even the Artists of Eternal Hour, we actually built a friendly and warm community on Discord, and you're both invited and welcome to join ~ :

We confirmed that our VA for Naoko, also known as Moon Jelly, will be helping us make the ED song of Eternal Hour, and that should give every ending of EH a truly magical feel. We also confirmed the help of a professional video editor for our video work! Every new member of our team brings more love, and also more amazing skills to make Eternal Hour ~

With your love, support and help, we've come this far, and managed to create so much already, it fills our hearts with hope! Although we've been slow in making formal updates on the KS update itself, Eternal Hour is our best card, it is meant to be The Game you think about, when you think of Time Travel and Visual Novels. 

We really wanted to release it by the end of 2020, but judging by the time it took to finish Chapter 2 entirely, including the debugging, we think it may still be a few months before it is finished (the entire game having seven chapters in total). But we hope our progress and news has rekindled your passion for gaming, your desire for adventure, and reminded you how awesome things will be when Eternal Hour is finally launched and you'll be playing it!!! 

The best is not over yet! We decided to increase the number of KS updates, at the cost of having slightly less content for each KS update - so we'll make another update with the thing we waited for the most, and which we wanted to post the most! 

We are making a trailer for each chapter with the best moments from each chapter, to showcase our progress, and also to keep your passion for Eternal Hour burning! The one for C2 should soon be ready, and we'll  make sure to share it as a KS update soon as well! 

Our website is also in line to get a whole upgrade with a much better blog where we'll have a copy of each update we make on Kickstarter, along with secret areas with special H-Content, Spoilers from other projects we have in mind, and more! We really need all the help we can get, so if you want to further support, you'd really make our day! 

Thank you, everyone, for all your support, love, and for being here with us ~ 🤍 


Don't forget to check our Social Media, where we post screenshots and updates before we have enough to make a Kickstarter update! Also, don't be afraid to get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you ~ 🤍

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