Eternal Hour C2 Teaser & More Awesome News ~ 🤍


Eternal Hour - C2 Teaser & More Awesome News ~ 🤍

We thank you for all your love and support! ♡

We had a long period of silence for the past few months, but our progress has actually been going pretty well, and we made a video to share how Chapter 2 of Eternal Hour looks and feels like! We hope that you're looking forward to the full game, and we're enthusiastic about the final result, as we managed to implement all the animations, art and scenes we wanted to so far!!

We had a wild summer, and almost all members of Seventh Heart Studios went through a case of COVID, but happily all of us recovered and we're back on track. This slowed down our development, as most of us needed a few weeks off to fully recover, but we are working our way to fully programming C3 and starting to work on C4. C3 has many routes and we want to make sure that all of your choices will matter in the game, so this is one of the trickiest parts in the programming phase. During C3, we encounter the big split in Eternal Hour, where you decide which route you pursue, and can fully lock on to trying to date one of the girls, as well as following the positive or the dark path for how you'll be using your powers. This is also when you'll go swimming in Eternal Hour so there's we have more cute art coming your way ~ 🤍

We also had the chance to be present at the Eastern European Comic Con or ECC in 2021, where we met with many of our fans, and we are happy to report that the whole meetup there was a lot of fun!! We took some photos to share with everyone! 

One of our artists went to ECC to help us connect with our fans as well ~ 🤍

Our progress is going well, and we're looking at opening aPatreon page, as an option for those who have messaged and mailed us, wanting to support us and help speed up the development of Eternal hour!! 

We hope that our Youtube video will light up your hopes, and from this point forward, we want to make shorter KS updates, but post them more often, one update per two months at least. Patreon posts will mostly mirror our KS posts, and all Kickstarter supporters can join the Discord, with backer roles, to have access to early access screenshots, special 🤍H🤍 previews, and secret content in general. We're currently working on integrating an automated process, but if you joined our Discord server, you can request this in the general chat, and we will assign you the role right away. You can also message us here, and we're trying to be involved, so most of our team is on the Discord server, answering questions, including our Director, Writer, Programmer, Voice Actors, Artists & Animator. 

Don't forget you can always get in touch with us over Discord, Message us, Twitter and even Facebook, We're always around ~ 🤍

Thank you, everyone, for all your support, love, and for being here with us !!! ~ 🤍


Don't forget to check our Social Media, where we post screenshots and updates before we have enough to make a Kickstarter update! Also, don't be afraid to get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you ~ 🤍

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