Happy New Year 2020!! News and Updates ~ ♡

Happy New Year 2020!! News and Updates ~ ♡

 Happy New Year 2020, everyone!!  

We hope that 2020 brings you the best time of your lives, with joy and success in every area important to you ~ ! 

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten Christmas either, and we included a few sweet posters with our girls wearing Christmas Costumes ~ ♡
Within Seventh Heart Studios, almost half of our members celebrated Christmas, while the other half didn't, but we still made sure everyone gets to enjoy quality time with their close ones and comes back fully energized to work in 2020! 
With this in mind, now that we celebrated New Year as well, we are back at work, and going forward in full power!! 
Given our current estimates, we think that in a few months, Eternal Hour will be live ~ ♡ 
While running one of our main Q&A tests, we noticed that some arcs of the story were a bit short, or felt a touch rushed, so we decided to extend on certain arcs before launching the game, placing our current launch estimates to launch the game somewhere in between the late spring and early summer of 2020.  
This is a true story about the origins of Eternal Hour;  The first chapter of Eternal Hour did not originally include Naoko's Arc, the one with the tiger Charm, and this meant that the entire demo was shorter and less emotional, until our Director asked for a major meet and discussed Chapter 1 with everyone else, and we all decided that it needed extending. To get a better idea what we're talking about, you can always play Eternal Hour's First Chapter here, as it will be part of the full game as well: https://files.sekaiproject.com/EternalHour_TheFirstMinutes-1.0-steam.zip
The First Chapter is also getting a whole redesign, with better animations and is reprogrammed to a better version before we launch the full game, looking even better than the Prequel ♡
As a little bonus, we want to share two more sketches from the Full Game with you, as a little 2020 New Year Present! 
(They are part of more than two CG scenes, but let's keep that a secret for now ♡)

We also plan on starting the surveys about your latest address soon, so we can deliver the Kickstarter goods, and we also plan on asking our Publisher, Sekai Project for help with delivering those, as for those of you who live in the USA and Canada, as well as South America, Sekai can deliver the goods faster and with less hassle than if we'd send them from our Headquarters in Romania or Asia. 
We hope our little story brought you a smile, filled you with hope, and we hope we gave you good news to start 2020 in a big way!! 
In fact, we have even more good news, as one of our Sprite Artists made a sweet poster just for you ~ !

We'll keep sharing updates and news until the full game will be out! That's also going to be pretty darn soon, so please be ready for the full adventure ~ ♡ 
We hope you stay safe and have lots of fun in there!♡

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