2019 Early Winter Update!! [♡Minor Spoilers♡]

2019 Early Winter Update!! [♡Minor Spoilers♡]

Hello Everyone, and we hope snow finds you with a warm heart!♡

Thank you very much for all your patience, love and support!!

We have exciting news to share, as always, but this time it is a big one! We decided that since Eternal Hour is closing its release date, we should start teasing you with sketches of the CG scenes, and to show you that our progress is going well!! 
We consider those to be minor spoilers though, which is why we included the warning in the title of the update ~ ♡  

Our plan to submit Eternal Hour to Steam review by the end of 2019 doesn't seem likely, but we're doing our best, and we will tell you more as we reach the end of December. At this point, we feel that we may cross a bit in 2020, but since Steam doesn't necessarily work full days until the first weeks of 2020, it shouldn't affect the speed with which Eternal Hour is delivered to you ~ ♡
Another thing we wanted to discuss was the rewards, as we haven't yet started sending any physical rewards. The reason behind this is that as almost all physical rewards include a physical copy of the game, it wasn't possible to send a physical reward until the full game is ready, so don't worry if you haven't received your KS reward quite yet, that is going to happen once Eternal Hour is complete!! 
Our team has been getting along realy well, so our Design Artist decided to make a full poster for this update, this time portraying Megumi and Rin as a couple, the first image from this post ~ 

We promise to share more awesome exciting news really soon, and don't forget to always follow your heart when playing, as this will be really important in Eternal Hour, if you'll want to win the game! 
We hope you stay safe and have lots of fun in there!♡

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