Late Summer Update!! Bad Endings Edited!!

Late Summer Update!! Bad Endings Edited!!

Hello Everyone!♡

Thank you very much for all your patience, love and support!! 
We have been working hard during this summer, and although we haven't posted many updates, with the end of summer, we come to bring very exciting news! 
Our editing process is slowly drawing to an end, as we just finished editing all the evil routes and their endings. We waited a while before posting this update, because we wanted the task itself to be truly done. There's a lot of ways you can fail Eternal Hour, but we're not giving spoilers, we'll just let you know that it is possible to get killed in more than one way, if making the wrong choices, so please play carefully! ~ ♡ 
To say something even more exciting, we're actually starting to see the launch date of Eternal Hour!! 
At this moment we can't give an exact date, but we're planning to submit Eternal Hour for Valve Approval before the end of 2019. 
We supplied the art team with new artist, as there still are a few scenes we want to handle with custom art and animation, and our new artist even made a cute poster for this update! 

You know we love to listen, so when a few of our fans told us that the download link for the First Chapter wasn't working anymore, we looked into it, and we found a bug within the server. We fixed it, and you can find and play the first chapter of Eternal Hour by pressing the "Download The Demo" button on our Kickstarter Page, and by following this link: 
In fact, we recommend doing this, to warm up for the full game, as it's not that much longer until it will be released!! 
For this update, we want to spoil you with just one more CG, which appears early in the story. We hope you're as excited about the more tense moments in Eternal Hour, as you are for the more romantic ones ~ ♡

Our Character Designer Artist also made a beautiful poster for this update! 

We hope we can bring you awesome news more often, now that we're closing to the moment of the official launch, and we're sorry for not saying much every month, but we try our best to make a more interesting update, we aren't running anywhere but forward, will full speed, and we're excited about the moment we'll launch Eternal Hour ~ ♡
We hope you stay safe and have lots of fun in there!♡

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